Tiny Tappers

Ages 3+4

30 min/week


See below for multi-class discount

Academy Classes

Ages 5-18

60 min/week


See below for multi-class discount

Multi-Class & Sibling Discount

If you have a student taking multiple classes or siblings who are enrolled at IDA, we offer the following discounts:

Tiny Tappers


(this is a fixed discount, further discounts below do not apply to Tiny Tappers classes)

Academy Classes

2+ hours per family - 5% discount (monthly rate of $64.60/hr)

4+ hours per family - 10% discount (monthly rate of $61.20/hr)

6+ hours per family - 20% discount (monthly rate of $54.40/hr)

IDA is also a Qualified Education Service Provider for the ACE Ohio Program for tuition reimbursement.

Click here to see details on what it is, who can receive aid, and how to apply.


Payment Schedule

Tuition is based on a full academic year made up of 36 weeks and divided into 9 monthly payments (September 1st-May 1st). Tuition is divided evenly and is the same for each month regardless of how many weeks are in a month.

Payment Methods

We have integrated a Parent Portal into this website where you can check tuition payments, see and pay for your recital costume balance, contact the studio with any concerns, and much more! All payments made on the Parent Portal will incur a 0.8% fee for ACH (e-Check) or a 3.05% + $0.30 fee for Credit Card . 


All tuition accounts are required to be enrolled in our auto-pay program. All tuition is charged by auto-pay to your credit/debit card or ACH (e-Check) account on file on the 1st of the month. Classes will begin the last week of August and the first month's tuition will be drawn on September 1st.  Subscribe to our calendar to set reminders.

Missed Classes/Withdrawal

Once registered, a student is enrolled in the full academic year, and no refunds or reductions will be allowed for classes missed. Please notify the office before the first of the month if you wish to withdraw from classes so we can stop your auto-payment.

Additional Costs

We want to be upfront with you about all costs and requirements. Please let us know if you have any questions :)

Registration Fee

There is a $30 registration fee per student or $60 per family. This is due in August annually.

Class Attire

We find it very important that students be in appropriate class attire. At registration we will size each student for their class leotard, tights, and shoes. There will be a class leotard for all ballet classes and a class leotard for tap/jazz/acro classes so at most each student will receive two leotards along with the appropriate tights and shoes for each class they are enrolled in. 

Recital Costume and T-Shirt

Recital is so exciting and an opportunity for our students to perform, learn stage etiquette, bond during rehearsals, and show off all they have worked so hard to learn throughout the year. Each dancer will be required to purchase a recital costume for each class they are in. Recital costume fees include costume and any accessories or props. Each student will also receive a recital t-shirt. Payment for both is due in December.