Love and Kindness

We want every dancer that walks through our doors to be treated with love and kindness by our instructors, staff, and fellow dancers. Students are expected to be kind and supportive of one another. 


Regular attendance is important for students to learn and develop proper body placement, alignment, strength, skill, and muscle memory.  Dance classes are unique in that the student is learning an art form in addition to exercising the body physically. Consistent attendance is very important, as absences and tardiness can affect the class as a whole, and we want to ensure every student has the opportunity to succeed!

If you know your student will be absent in advance, we ask that you report that through our Parent Portal under "More" → "Attendance" → "Report Absence."

Illness Policy

We are dancers and need to be healthy in order to perform our best in class!

Any contagious condition (fever, blisters/cold sores, stomach bugs, lice, flu, covid, etc.) require that students be symptom-free without medication for 24 hours before returning to class.

Dress Code

All female students must wear a leotard and tights with the appropriate shoes to each class and with hair secured away from the face. Ballet students must wear a leotard and pink tights with hair pulled back into a bun or off the neck. Each class will have a class leotard, tights, and studio approved shoes. We will fit dancers for leotard and shoes at registration. 

We don't allow baggy clothing in class. As teachers we must be able to check body placement and carriage to instruct proper technique. It is the responsibility of the parent and the student to come to class dressed in the proper attire.

Costume Deposits

We must order costumes prior to December to ensure we receive them in time. If your student will not be continuing dance after winter break, you must let us know before December. No costumes go home until all unpaid balances are cleared. 


Attendance the month before recital is mandatory unless there is an extenuating circumstance. We want all dancers to look and feel their best on stage :) All account balances in the Parent Portal must be paid in full before recital tickets can be purchased.

Class Placement

Placement is made with the ability of the individual student in mind. Advancement is not by classes as a whole. There is often a two or three year age span in each class but could be larger. If a student shows unusual progress during the year, a possible transfer to a more advanced class could occur. Pointe instruction can begin when the instructor feels each dancer is strong enough structurally and technically, regardless of age or years of study. Pointe decisions are made with the safety of students in mind.

Studio Holidays

Thanksgiving Week, Christmas Break, Spring Break (Follow City School's schedule). We do not close for teacher workdays or government-related closings.

Bad Weather Closings

We will monitor and follow Marion City weather emergency levels. When in doubt call the studio, or check IDA's Facebook page :)